The Ultimate Tribute Is Paid!

No matter which period of AC/DC you consider your self to be part of, whether or not it is the Bon Scott period, or the Brian Johnson period, or both, you were never short on wonderful music, that’s for sure. AC/DC are definitely one of the (if not THE) biggest hard rock bands which have ever taken to the stage. Within the last 50 years, there hasn’t been a more constant and hard hitting classic rock band. Although chances are that they won’t be round as a band for for much longer, they leave behind a legacy like no other, and thus, tribute must be paid. Talking of which…

What you are about to watch is a video through which a young girl by the name of Sina, who you have probably seen before, takes to her drum set to perform the iconic smash hit by the aforementioned AC/DC, T.N.T. To put it simply, this young lady puts on a clinic and will go away you shocked. Don’t believe me? Watch your self!


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