Talk About An Army Of One!

Not just is YouTube guitar master Rob Scallon a splendid performer, he’s diverting – his “Metal In Inappropriate Places” video and his twang interpretation of “Master Of Puppets” left us snickering for path longer than is most likely suitable – and now, we’re discovering that he’s uncontrollably imaginative with the dispatch of his most recent video, a thought on Metallica’s “One”. While the melody is most likely awesome and a staple in the munititions stockpile of any self-regarding Metallica fan, it’s not content that makes what Rob Scallon is going to do as such cool, it’s the way; outfitted with one and only guitar, Rob continues to stick “One” without anyone else for around 15 seconds before abruptly, another arrangement of hands show up from the shadows, bouncing into spread the tune’s cadence guitar part on the same fretboard.

Fun Fact: To date, Rob’s exceptional thought on “One” has amassed more than 1.2 million perspectives on YouTube since its May 23, 2016 discharge.

As though that isn’t sufficiently wild, when the bass solo – yes, bass solo – moves around, it’s not only Rob’s two hands that you see moving along the fretboard however 3 more hands, bringing the stupendous number of hands expected to wrench out this splendid spread to an aggregate of 5. We’ve heard each minor departure from “One” conceivable, yet to the extent covers go, this must be one of our top choices and it’s one you’ve truly got the chance to see to accept (genuinely, how could they have been able to they pack such a variety of individuals into one small space?)!


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