For Those About To Wash Rock, We Salute You

Oh y’all, this just made our day! Making the rounds this week is a video from YouTuber and musician Aaron “Attaboy” McAvoy, who did one thing a bit unorthodox with his cover of AC/DC’s 1990 smash hit “Thunderstruck”; instead of attempting to decide between doing household chores and jamming together with his buddy Shawn Lake, Aaron combined the 2 and actually jammed in his laundry room, utilizing the washing machine to replace the drum elements in “Thunderstruck” for a cover that’s each really, really good and really, really fun to watch.

Featuring guitarist Shawn Lake on lead guitar, Aaron Attaboy McAvoy rocking vocals and rhythm guitar and their special visitors “white trash washer rhythm section,” this laundry room jam sesh additionally features a very special visitor appearance by Aaron’s “white trash dryer” to round issues out. We are not kidding after we said this video made our day; this version of “Thunderstruck” does a pretty damn good job of staying near the original; who knew a washing machine might replicate Chris Slade’s driving drum rhythms so superbly? Check it out within the video beneath – this video is way too much fun, and we are sure you gonna like it as much as we did!


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