Air Drumming In The Car Is Still Old School Cool!

How about we let it be known – we’ve all presumably got a water bottle as a mouthpiece or an air guitar some time recently, in a minute when it’s equitable just compelling to shake out to our main tune on the auto radio. It for the most part happens amid solo auto rides however. This grandpa without a doubt lets free while halted at an activity light when he takes out his nonexistent drum sticks and just crashes away to ACDC’s Hells Bells!

A Florida driver detected the old rocker halted at a red light on his way home and found this epic head-slamming activity sticking against camera! He’s turned up the volume and just makes the most of his performance auto ride show! What’s significantly more amazing is that grandpa just heads out mid-air drum session! What a sight to make you overlook you’re stuck in movement, isn’t that so? Don’t we as a whole wish our grandpa is as cool as this man?

Watch grandpa’s wiped out air drum below:

Grandpa Rocks to Hells Bells AC/DC


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