Well I Certain Didn’t See That One Coming At All!

There are many AC/DC covers out there on the great ‘ol web. Some good, some bad, some superior, some horrible, and all the things in between. However all of them typically have one factor in widespread. They are all the standard guitar and/or band and/or vocal cover. Hardly any of them actually branch and do something actually unorthodox. That IS… till now!

What you are about to watch a video during which two little ladies (each very gifted) do a cover of AC/DC’s hit track Hells Bells. They carry out the standard arsenal of instruments together with a guitar, a bass, a drum set, and… oh yeah… a GLOCKENSPIEL!

Now, if I may make an educated guess, you are preliminary thought is perhaps “pfft this might be lame!”, however you’d truly be surprised with just how amazingly superior and surprisingly heavy this sounds. Check it out!

Watch these talent girls AC/DC’s “Hells Bells” Perform:


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