Things Aren’t Looking Nice For The Axl Rose Version Of AC/DC!

It has been quite some time since Brian Johnson stepped down from AC/DC as a result of persistent hearing issues. Since then, AC/DC have pressed on with their new singer Axl Rose. Regardless of harsh criticism about this transfer, AC/DC have pressed on with their live shows, and the Guns N’ Roses singer, for probably the most part, has been received rather well. Sadly, that wasn’t the case in Spain.

Once fans in Spain were informed that AC/DC would be fronted by Axl Rose on their upcoming concert on May 10th, the majority of them requested refunds. AC/DC’s promoter Live Nation would initially be gracious enough to grant these refunds, but once Live Nation realized that the amount of people requesting these refunds were the vast majority of the attendees of said show, the band stopped awarding refunds.

Due to this action, Live Nation was fined €15,000 for not allowing refunds.

Officials had this to say: “After the complaint of Consumers In Action, the promoter has been fined for refusing to return money to numerous users who claimed it after the replacement of Brian Johnson with Axl Rose. FACUA warned that the replacement meant a substantial change in the conditions of the concert, and was a justified cause for claiming a refund. Live Nation assured they would ‘return money to those who asked for it’ without setting a deadline.”

What do you think of all of this? Do you suppose Live Nation was in the right to not allow the refunds? Do agree with the fine? Tell us your thoughts!


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