A Rough Begin

Okay, at some point, all of us made the same mistake the guitar technician and announcer McBob did – however not on a grand scale and undoubtedly not in front of 1000’s of viewers members. To be fair, maybe he got all hyped up and carried away by the overwhelming support which is why he forgot the city Guns ‘n Roses was playing. Lol.

On the night time of February 14 (yes, it was Valentine’s Day), McBob stated earlier than introducing the band, “Sydney, you wanted the most effective however they are stuck in traffic, so here’s what you get.” Uhm okay, in a way, that was unforgivable. However other than apologizing on Twitter and Facebok, the legendary rock group additionally made sure the crowd had a night to remember minus the shaky begin as a result of Axl Rose and the rest of the boys gave them one heck of a show.

The crowd was all like, “Yeyyy….. Wait, what?” Just see for yourself.


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