Robin Williams Was A Nationwide Treasure

There is no denying the truth that Robin Williams was one of the biggest comedians to ever walk this earth. He was a nationwide treasure who made everybody laugh although his stand-up routines, movies and skits.

One of his extra memorable skits, or pieces of material, was when Robin Williams covered The Beatles “Come Together” with jazz musician Bobby McFerrin. With the assistance of Beatles producer George Martin, Williams and Bobby recorded a hilarious cover of the all-time classic! The humor behind the inflictions of their voices is perfect, however at the same time, the cover sounds fairly damn strong musically. Robin Williams’ voice is definitely pretty good, and the reworked instrumentals make the track a tad bit heavier compared to the original! It is undoubtedly a fantastic tribute to The Beatles, and actually showcases Robin William‘s wide variety of skills!

Interesting Fact:The whispered lyric that seems like “shoot” is definitely John Lennon saying “shoot me” followed by a handclap. The bass line drowns out the “me.” Kind of eerie looking back on it…

Watch the cover down beneath, and tell us what you think!


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