Such An Odd Connection!

To say that Paul McCartney is a legend is an understatement. Paul McCartney is definitely on of an important figures in all of music. As a founder of 1 the most popular musical acts literally ever, The Beatles, Paul McCartney has confirmed to be a founding father of the templates for all types of popular music.

The same might easily be said for Keith Richards of The Rolling Stones. This man and his band are arguably THE most iconic group of musicians that have ever taken to the stage. So much in order that when you hear the phrase ‘Rolling Stone’, you probably don’t just think of a band, but also a cultural movement, a brand, and empire. Okay, possibly that’s a little dramatic , however you get the point.

Many individuals have usually claimed that The Beatles and The Rolling Stones are rivals. They’re two of the biggest bands on the planet, how could they not be? Well, because it turns out, they’re the exact opposite!

What you are about to watch is a video in which Paul McCartney sits down with Jimmy Fallon and talks about his random encounter with Keith Richards. This is just too humorous! Watch it!


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