Paul McCartney has released a video that includes a demo of the song My Brave Face which he recorded with Elvis Costello in 1987.

The track features on Paul McCartney’s Flowers In The Dirt, which is being reissued on March 24. It initially came out in 1989 and was the former Beatles’ 8. studio album.

Reflecting on the recording sessions with Costello, Paul McCartney says: “I was looking for somebody to work with, trying to think of something imaginative to do and one day my manager said, ‘Do you fancy writing with Elvis Costello? It might be a great thing.’ I stated, ‘Yeah.’

“Costello came down to my studio and we sat opposite one another with our guitars as a result of I had said to him early on that this is how I’d written with John, with me being left handed and him being right handed – it was almost like looking in a mirror.

“We did virtually what John and I did which was just make up a song a day.”

Paul McCartney was joined by dozens of artists on the album, including Trevor Horn and former Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour, who played on the song We Got Married.

The remaster of Flowers In The Dirt is a part of an ongoing set of releases within the Paul McCartney Archive Collection.


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