The Crowd Didn’t See It Coming!

Through the years, talk show host Jimmy Fallon has built a relationship with many musicians, politicians and celebrities. Fallon’s job allows him to interview, and become friends with these people, and so has led him to do some pretty good stuff.

A prime example of this, is when he joined Beatles legend Paul McCartney on stage to cover an every-time classic! Fallon jumped on stage and did a duet of “I Saw Her Standing There,” and it was phenomenal! Jimmy Fallon truly sounds pretty incredible! His voice isn not that bad, however what actually makes this performance is the energy behind this performance! Just watching the video, you possibly can feel the power of the track and it is pretty ridiculous! Both McCartney and Fallon are giving it their everything, and the sound is thunderous.

Watch the video down below and tell us what you think!


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