Live At The Rainbow, 1974

Queen may have made it into popular society and the history books with tunes like “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Killer Queen,” known for their showiness and impacts that differed from the operatic to the vaudevillian, yet it’s their marginally heavier roots that put them on the guide – and introduced the time of velocity metal. Written in 1974 and included on the band’s fourth studio collection Sheer Heart Attack, “Stone Cold Crazy” is generally viewed as an antecedent to speed metal with its substantial twisting, driving musicality and Freddie Mercury’s theatric way to deal with vocals, and in this film footage of Queen’s 1974 appearance at London’s Rainbow Theater “Stone Cold Crazy” rocks harder than anything we’ve ever seen!

Clad in a dark jumpsuit combined with stage shoes, feathered hair and overwhelming cosmetics, Freddie is the model for all things metal – truth be told, his tense appearance matched with his mark showy way to deal with singing makes it simple to see why everybody from Metallica to Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson would be propelled by him.

Fun Fact: James Hetfield once performed “Stone Cold Crazy” with Queen and Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert.

Making this execution much more unique is the way that in 1974, Queen were still considered ‘up and coming’ – their gathering of people had no chance to get of realizing that the 4 men in front of an audience would go ahead to end up ostensibly the greatest band on the planet, with a legacy that traversed a long ways past the generally brief time they went through visiting and recording with Freddie Mercury. “Stone Cold Crazy” is history really taking shape in more than one way, and you would prefer not to miss it!


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