The Dynamic Duo Are Back At It Again!

At this point, we are able to safely say that Jimmy Fallon is classic rock’s best kept secret. The person has become a treasure to followers of classic rock as he’s somebody who is able to bring out the fun side of even probably the most calloused classic rockstars. Whether or not it is the likes of Robert Plant, Billy Joel, or whoever is a visitor on his show, Jimmy Fallon brings out one of the best in everybody, whether or not it’s a comedic segment, or a serious interview, there is never a dull moment to be seen on Fallon’s show. Here’s the proof.

What you are about to watch is a video during which the aforementioned Jimmy Fallon and the legendary Paul McCartney bump into one another backstage and “trade accents”. As I said before, Jimmy Fallon brings out one of the best in our favourite rockstars, and this however is ever so prevalent within the skit you’re about to see. Don’t believe me? Watch for your self!


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