One Of The Saddest Days In Historical past…

In was late within the night of December eighth, 1980, when tragedy would strike and alter the course of music historical past forever. John Lennon and wife Yoko Ono had just arrived at their New York condominium when an unstable Mark David Chapman would shoot John Lennon, a person that John Lennon signed an autograph for earlier that evening. Soon after, Lennon was rushed to Roosevelt Hospital shortly after, however it was all too late. John Lennon was declared dead just as soon as he arrived.

John Lennon was actually one of many world’s greatest people, not only as a musician, but as a person overall. He was actually one of the crucial beautiful and peaceful souls to ever walk the world and is responsible for a number of the music’s most timeless and cherished songs. Me, personally, I wan’t born throughout this time, however my father describes it as one of the crucial saddening times in modern history (on the time). It won’t solely be eternally known as a day in unhappiness, but also a day the place family, mates, and followers alike had been united to mourn the icon. And even to this present day, he’s sorely missed. RIP John Winston Lennon. He was 40 years of age.


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