Authorities aren’t impressed with the image of Eddie clutching his heart.

Iron Maiden’s The Book of Souls World Tour notice has been banned in Lithuania for being excessively unnerving for kids.

Much the same as The Book of Souls collection cover, the noteworthy blurb is the work of English artist Mark Wilkinson (Marillion, Judas Priest) and components a Mayan Eddie grasping his throbbing heart, which he has newly cut from his chest.

The poster had been put in the city of Lithuania in front of the metal legends’ show at the Zalgirio Arena on 23rd June, however powers have now ventured into boycott it.

Live Nation legal counselor Mindaugas Paukštė told Lithuanian distribution Delfi:

We received a letter that should stop advertising because it scares children – at the moment we think, how to behave, but, most likely, will have to remove the posters.



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