The Badpiper Puts On One Hell Of A Show!

Bagpipes have surprisingly fit in very properly on the earth of hard rock and heavy metal. They’re a classic instrument that has surprisingly transitioned over to the rock and metal just as simple as any guitar would. They’re rarely ever used, however when they’re used, it is at all times wonderful. The same goes for almost any AC/DC song. AC/DC is undoubtably one of the (if not THE) biggest hard rock bands ever. As you are about to see in this video, their legacy is alive and well, and with you’re about to see, it is still badass!

What you are about to look at is a video by which a gentleman who calls himself the Badpiper whips out his insanely cool set of bagpipes and begins playing the hit track by the aforementioned AC/DC known as Thunderstruck. At first, this looks like just another bagpipe cover of a classic rock song, however just wait till you see what he’s loaded his bagpipes with! Watch for your self!


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