She’s Got Balls Live And In Color!

AC/DC has been in the news a great deal of late. They have had a few of it’s center individuals need to leave because of various reasons. It appears the main two unique part left are Cliff Williams and Angus Young, and even Cliff Williams is wanting to resign once the visit is up. So it’s elusive and genuine great footage of AC/DC live in 2016 with all its unique individuals, yet as uncommon as that footage may be, regardless it doesn’t beat footage from the past!

What you’re going to watch is AC/DC make that big appearance in 1986 to play out She’s Got Balls in this uncommon clasp of the live show. As you’ll have the capacity to tell, AC/DC were (and still are) stunning live! They demonstrate here that they are still a power to be figured with. They are surely understood for having a portion of the best live shows ever! Presently look as they further concrete that unmatched mark with this uncommon execution!


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