New Album Reported To Drop In 2018, And Featuring Axl Rose?

Incase you are unaware, it was last yr that AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson had to step down from the band because of unforeseen hearing issues. The singer that would take his place would be Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose who is still singing and touring with the band at present.

The unique intention for Axl Rose’s position within the band was basically to only fill in for Brian Johnson till he healed up to get back on the road. But, it seems like Axl Rose is right here to stay. Not only that, but now rumors are circulating that AC/DC are back within the studio and Axl Rose will be the featured vocalist.

The rumors began when an Australian news source known as Noise11 made this statement.

The chemistry between Axl Rose and Angus Young has inspired Angus to start planning another AC/DC record, but Guns N’ Roses’ touring commitments throughout 2017 will make it difficult to finalize the project.

This raises lots of questions. Mainly of which being “what does Brian Johnson think about this? Was he even asked to return?” I can only suspect that if this really does happen, and no matter how good the album is, this’ll have quite a backlash, just because it’s not Brian Johnson.

What do you consider all of this? Are you excited to hear Axl Rose sing for AC/DC on an album? Are you not? Tell us within the comment section!


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