Album artwork has dependably been something to view. One could frequently get a feeling of a band essentially by taking a gander at a collection’s spread craftsmanship and deciphering what the music inside sounds like through its symbolism.

Prior to the days when anybody can go on YouTube and hear and see almost any melody or band, a collection’s spread work of art assumed a major part in winning over a potential fan upon first look. On the off chance that the realistic symbolism could pull somebody in, there was a not too bad risk that music mate would add that circle to their gathering.

Yet, consider the possibility that the collections contained wonderful tunes yet horrendous fine art. Those are the circles that we are “celebrating” in this element. At times, the collection spreads are frightful in a fun and silly way, while others are simply out and out blemishes. Look at our rundown of 10 Awesome Albums With Awful Artwork here:

10‘Power Games’ Jaguar

Jaguar have the requirement for pace on ‘Power Games,’ which is a crude, dangerous collection that can equal Lemmy Kilmister and his Motorhead team. In any case, what’s happening with that collection spread? There’s a tank, some Chess pieces, poker chips, the two of jewels and a spaceship spread over a checkerboard. The band was likely pounded off Schlitz and told a neighborhood craftsman what they needed — kinda like the band meeting for the “Damnocracy” collection spread in that show “Supergroup.” Remember that? Likely not.



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