A Complete Beatles Chronology On Drums!

It’s been said by numerous refined drummers that Ringo Starr has feel like no other. Ringo Starr is a standout amongst the most immortal drummers and was a part of THE most well known music assembles truly ever, The Beatles. His remarkable style and cadenced way to deal with all things music are the stuff of legend. So paying tribute to the man who prepared for incredible drummers of our time is unquestionably just the same old thing new. It’s a typical thing, as it ought to be, however what we have here for you today is an extraordinary method for drawing nearer it.

What you’re going to watch is a man of his word by the name of Kye Smith take to his drum set and play 70 melodies by The Beatles in only 5 minutes! This is absolutely a fitting tribute to the stone legend!

How would you think he did? Also, what do you think Ringo Starr would think about this stunning arrangement? Do you think he’d be pleased? We unquestionably think so! This person has a stellar future in the music business! You hear that, Capitol Records? Get this man a record bargain!


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