You’re About To Have Some Serious Nostalgia!

This is Brian Johnson at his finest. That is to say, he generally does as well as can possibly be expected at whatever point he’s dramatic BUT this one is on an alternate level. It’s an executioner execution that will clear you out — those vocals are madly mind boggling. Try not to misunderstand me, I cherish the studio rendition, it sounds extraordinary BUT this live form just takes the cake. This is by a wide margin, the best one that I’ve seen. What a voice! They were in their prime and it just demonstrates why they will dependably be one of the best shake ‘n move groups.

P.S. I continue thinking about how Angus does it — moving around while playing faultlessly. Discuss multi-entrusting! It resembles he’s not human. Furthermore, that second guitar solo? That is unbelievable. Goodness. I live for that some portion of this powerhouse execution. It’s too useful for this world.


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