The Official Studio Footage Of Metallica’s Latest Single!

Simply envision what it’d resemble to be a fly on the divider amid the making of immortal tunes. Significantly all the more along these lines, envision being a fly on the divider amid a Metallica recording session. Well fortunately for us, Metallica is exceptionally imparting to their studio footage!

Metallica just discharged another single called Hardwired according to the declaration of their up and coming collection Hardwired… To Self Destruct. As you can envision, the band will do a lot of advertising to advance this new collection. One promoting method that you’ll see (from Metallica as well as from any band) is studio footage being discharged. Also, luckily for us, Metallica have recently done that!

What you’re about to watch is the official studio footage of the new hit song Hardwired being recorded. The video shows how each part is recorded and thought out, and as you can imagine, it is nothing short of spectacular! See for yourself!


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