Koko The Gorilla Proves Her Intelligence Yet Again!

Flea is great at the low register guitar. Like REALLY great. It’s kind of his shtick. The unbelievable bassist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers has had a standout amongst the most renowned professions for being an astonishing bassist, as well as for simply being Flea. He is a character. He is splendid, brilliant, and does insane things. Every one of this has established his place in the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame. So you can envision that in the event that you place Flea in the same room as Koko the gorilla, you can rest guaranteed that there is enchantment to be made!

What you’re about to watch is Flea sit down with the famous sign language gorilla named Koko. Flea then hands his bass guitar to Koko, and to everyone’s delight, Koko starts to play the bass. As you can imagine, everyone has a smile on their face

How would you think Koko did? Do you think if Flea ever needs a very late substitution that he can call Koko? It absolutely appears as though it’s a vocation way that Koko would consider taking! Tell us what you think!


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