A True Rocker Til’ The Very End

The late and awesome Lemmy Kilminster of Motörhead was the encapsulation of a demigod. He had the voice, the look, the way of life, and made some incredible music that everybody increased in value. However, around the end of his life, when he began to become ill, Lemmy had a troublesome time laying appears. This footage is from one of Lemmy’s shows in September of a year ago, around three months preceding his demise. Lemmy was feeling to a great degree sick that night, however was still resolved to get up in front of an audience and give the fans 100%.

Three tunes into the set, in any case, Lemmy was compelled to stop the appear and was not able completion the show. He returned out in front of an audience and apologized to the group of onlookers, who were to a great degree strong and understanding. In the video, you can hear fans discussing how debilitated he looked, and that he appeared as though he was going to fall over or go out. After he apologized and reported he was not able go ahead, the group began droning, “Lemmy! Lemmy! Lemmy!…” This is a harsh video to watch since you can advise how seriously Lemmy needed to play and do the appear, however so crushed when he understood it wasn’t to his greatest advantage. Lemmy is a legend, and a genuine rock n’ roller who is beyond a reasonable doubt missed each day.

Look at the video up, and pay regards to one of the greats! We miss you, Lemmy!


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