Multitasking At Its Finest

YouTuber Gabriel Guardian challenged the unimaginable, and showcased his capacity to multitask in this inconceivable front of Guns N’ Roses“Sweet Child O’ Mine.” Gabriel played the guitar, as well as the console part of the tune too! His form is a one of a kind interpretation of the melody, as the guitar covers the vocal part, and the console goes up against the part of the other sponsorship instruments. Furthermore, the shoreline he’s shooting at serves as an epic scenery, and his haircut is an extraordinary similarity to the incredible guitarist behind this famous riff: Slash.

This is genuinely not at all like anything we’ve ever seen some time recently, and he beyond any doubt is an astounding ability! Watch his hands, and his capacity to switch flawlessly between instruments. He goes from playing his guitar, to quickly bouncing down to the console with little, to no battle by any means. Additionally, there are parts in there where he deals with the console with his right hand, while his left is involved with sledge ons on the guitar! Gabriel has a huge amount of other material on his YouTube channel, so make certain to look at it!

Watch the astonishing spread down underneath!


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