Forever 27.

Celebrity deaths are always sad. Dying young is even more tragic, and apparently a mysterious statistical anomaly among rock stars. The concept for the notorious “27 Club” came to haunt the public consciousness in the 1970’s when rock stars Brian Johnson, Jimi Hendrix, Alan Wilson, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison tragically died within the space of three years – all at the tender age of 27.

When Kurt Cobain committed suicide when he was also 27 years old, it was his mother who acknowledged the connection of the infamous death club following her son’s demise saying

“Now he’s gone and joined that stupid club…I told him not to join that stupid club.”

Since Cobain’s death, questions have surfaced on whether the age of 27 is a curse for rock stars, or just an unfortunate coincidence.

Here are 10 rock stars who coincidentally (or mysteriously) died at age 27.

  1. Robert Johnson, Died August 13, 1938

One of the earliest members of the “27 Club”, ragtime blues guitarist and singer-songwriter Robert Johnson has a haunting myth surrounding his untimely death. The real cause of his death is declared “unknown” but there are several theories about it. One theory claims that Johnson was murdered by a jealous husband who poisoned his whisky after the blues singer flirted with his wife at country dance. Witnesses stated that Johnson began feeling ill within a course of three days and eventually died in a state of severe pain.

However, there is a popular legend which claims that his song “Crossroads Blues” speaks of the singer’s encounter with the devil at a cross roads where he is said to have sold his soul. The legend tells the story of Johnson taking his guitar to a crossroad by the Dockery Plantation in Mississippi where he was met by a large black man (the devil) who gave him the musical ability to become famous and successful in exchange for his soul, which the devil claimed when the King of the Delta Blues  was 27 years old.


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