Move Over, Joey Kramer

We as a whole know Steven Tyler is one capable rockstar! The man has a mind boggling voice, can play the guitar and compose awesome verses! In any case, did you know he additionally knows how to play the drums unimaginably well? Indeed, subsequent to watching this video, now you will! Steven Tyler astounded the group at a Camp Freddy show, and as opposed to venturing up to the receiver, or grabbing a guitar, Tyler made a b-line for the drum set!

Little did the audience know, Tyler is actually a fantastic drummer. He then proceeded to play one of the most difficult songs to play on the drums: The Surfaris’ hit “Wipeout”!

Tyler is on point all through the melody, and nails every fill superbly! Being one of the more troublesome tunes to play on the drums, We’d affection to see Tyler drum some more, and cover some other troublesome tunes! Who knows, perhaps we can see a Steven Tyler-Neil Peart drum fight!


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