Abbey Road Sessions

The fourth song on The Beatles’ 1969 great Abbey Road, “Oh! Darling” was portrayed by George Harrison as “a run of the mill 1950s–’60s-period tune on account of its harmony structure,” bragging that beautiful doo-wop impacted sound set to an electric guitar and strained vocals from Paul McCartney. A work of adoration, “Oh! Darling” was sung each and every day in the studio for a week until the end of the week when Paul, strained and dry, thumped it right out of the recreation center with a vocal execution whose force is just completely perceived in the studio recording you’re going to listen.

Friendly Rivalry

Shortly before his death in 1980, John Lennon revealed that while “‘Oh! Darling’ was a great one of Paul’s,” it was one “that he didn’t sing too well”.

Taking it one step further, Lennon said, “I always thought I could have done it better – it was more my style than his

This was at that point one of our outright most loved Beatles works of art sung by Paul, vocally straight up there with “Hey Jude” and “Twist And Shout” – yet the crude quality to his voice (particularly at 1:10!) in “Oh! Darling” showcases Paul’s flexibility and even gives an awesome look into the shocking solo profession that was upcoming for him once The Beatles formally disbanded.

Look at this shocking studio track up – it’ll give you a radical new thankfulness for this Beatles great!


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