Santa Has A Complete New Look!

In Celebration of the Christmas season, many rock bands decide to cover old Christmas carols, and inject a rock n’ roll twist into them! Typically, even followers will take part on the fun, and create their very own Christmas-themed tributes to their favourite artists!

Val Andreade, an artist and die-hard Iron Maiden fan, took his tribute to the subsequent level by making a custom Christmas cartoon starring the Maiden’s logo/mascot/icon Eddie. The video features Eddie in all of his types, including dressed within the outfit from The Trooper, Number of the Beast and Piece of Thoughts! The cartoon follows an average dressed Eddie in t shirt and denims, who finds a Santa Clause outfit, and puts it on. Whereas the other Eddie forms laugh at him, “Santa Eddie” turns round to reveal a badass new look, and a “Kick Me” sign on his back! There is one second installment of the cartoon that’s simply as badass!

Watch them both out down below! 


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