Just Leave It To Ringo Starr To Put A Smile On Your Face!

If at any point you’re having a terrible day, quite recently go on Youtube and turn upward Ringo Starr. Will undoubtedly be something on there that’ll light up your day. Whether it’s him playing drums, singing, or just Ringo being Ringo, anything he wills essentially fill your heart with joy ten times brighter! We’ll simply get straight to it, what we have for you here is surely the same.

What you’re about to watch is Ringo Starr take his drum set to Miami Beach and play a wicked solo. It’s clear that by watching Ringo Starr play his drums that he is having the time of his life!

What makes this video so inspiringly extraordinary is the way that it’s basically Ringo simply being Ringo. Being a standout amongst the most adorable music legends on the planet really gives you amazing duty of being a beam of energy to the individuals who need it most, and fortunately, Ringo Starr is that man! See with your own eyes!


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