This Is So Perfect

It’s always funny to see a legend do an impression of another legend. We’ve found a video of Sir Paul McCartney himself doing the ideal impression of “The King,” also called Mr. Elvis Presley! While backstage in Memphis amid his Out There visit, McCartney struck a discussion about seeing Elvis’ motion picture Love Me Tender surprisingly. He discussed how the movie began, and how the group went wild the first run through Elvis appeared onto the screen. He then definite how Elvis started to play the melody “We’re Gonna Move,” and it was then that McCartney diverted his own particular impression of Elvis and started mirroring the King himself!

Fun Fact: Love Me Tender was Elvis’ acting debut! Because of this it was the only time in his acting career that he did not receive top billing!

McCartney’s impression is absolutley spot on, and in the event that he tossed on a wig, a white suit, some stage shoes and some pilot glasses, he could likely go as an extraordinary Elvis impersonator! We’re trusting that the achievement of this video will start a thought inside McCartney to do a genuine front of this melody live or in the studio!


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