LA’s Prodigal Sons Return Home

With one and only date left to go on their Not In This Lifetime visit, Los Angeles rockers Guns N’ Roses made a serious return home this weekend for their hotly anticipated main residence show at Dodger Stadium, a two night undertaking set apart by energy and interest as they stunned Angelenos with 3 hour sets that must be portrayed as dangerous. Where most groups start to lose steam as the end of the visit nears, Guns N’ Roses made a special effort for the place where they grew up show – previous drummer Steven Adler showed up both evenings and Axl Rose, in the middle of one of the best vocal exhibitions of the whole visit, took a brief minute to recognize the significance of his band’s arrival home:

“Los Angeles, my neighborhood. What a beautiful day in the neighborhood.”

Today evening time denote the last night of the Not In This Lifetime visit and will see the young men’s legacy completing the cycle as they rehash history with a show in San Diego opened by The Cult, who charitably brought Guns N’ Roses on visit in the 80s as their own particular visit opener when they played San Diego’s SDSU Open Air Amphitheater in 1987. In the event that the Guns N’ Roses shows of long prior are anything to pass by, fans today ought to be in for the ride of their lives as the young men close down a standout amongst the most exceptionally foreseen get-together visits in late memory!


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