Lynyrd Skynyrd At Work And At Play

In a matter of seconds before disaster struck as the plane accident of 1977, a cameraman chased after Lynyrd Skynyrd for 21 days – recording the young men doing everything from angling and horseback riding to cruising through Jacksonville and paying tribute to Beethoven, the cameraman was enrolled by Pepsi as a major aspect of an arranged arrangement of item position ads with Lynyrd Skynyrd that would formally acquaint the band with the world as normal folks who wanted to loosen up at home when they weren’t overwhelming each stage they went over with their quick and irate brand of Southern rock.

Running at more than 15 minutes long and cut with live footage of Lynyrd Skynyrd tearing through “Free Bird” and “You Got That Right,” this footage resemble investigating a period container keeping in mind seeing Ronnie Van Zant angling with Gary Rossington or viewing Steve Gaines discussing his desires for his impact in the band is sufficient to make even the most stoic of Skynyrd fans somewhat started crying, there’s happiness to be found in investing energy becoming acquainted with the folks in their individual components.

Unfortunately, a significant part of the footage was lost after the accident however because of Pepsi, who transformed the salvageable footage into a stellar tribute to Lynyrd Skynyrd, we have more than 15 minutes of minutes with the best band in Southern rock for your survey delight – so find a comfortable place to sit, break out your most loved Lynyrd Skynyrd shirt and look at it in the footage up!


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