Jimi Was Always Down For A Pre-Show Jam Session!

In this unbelievably rare and selective footage, Jimi Hendrix is hanging out backstage when he grabs an acoustic guitar. A couple of young ladies approach Hendrix, and he breaks out into an epic version of Elvis Presley’s “Hound Dog.” Jimi revamps the great tune to make it his own. He takes the exemplary Rockabilly tune and patches up it into a more shake driven tune! The outcome is entirely awesome, and we wish that Jimi had secured the tune with his full band so we could genuinely hear how he translated it!

Fun Fact: Elvis used the same lyrics in “Hound Dog”, which differed from the Big Mama Thornton original. In this approach to the song, Elvis is acting disappointed with his lover and repeating the lyrics, “Well, they said you was high-classed, but that was just a lie” six times. In Thornton’s original, she sings the line twice as “You told me you was high class, but I can see through that.

To the extent the two women go, they play with Hendrix all through the whole stick, and if memory serves right, one of them may be Kathy Etchingham, Jimi’s better half in the 60s. This footage is amazing, and we’re so happy we’ve uncovered it!


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