Bowie’s Legacy Will Still March On

In the months before his tragic demise in January, David Bowie was taking a shot at a unique undertaking. The multitalented craftsman had recently completed co-composing a musical with Enda Walsh before his demise. The musical, titled Lazarus, will make a big appearance at the King’s Cross Theater in London and will keep running for four months beginning in October. The generation will be coordinated by Ivo Van Hove, and star Michael C. Lobby, Michael Esper and Sophie Anne Caruso. The run will start Oct. 25th and complete Jan. 21st.

Lazarus is based off of the novel The Man Who Fell To Earth. In 1976, Bowie featured in the novel’s film adjustment, and from that point forward, the film has turned into a religion great. Bowie’s co-composed musical Lazarus is a spin-off of the novel/film, and elements Bowie’s music, including three already unreleased tunes from the stone legend and the single “Lazarus” off of Bowie’s 2016 collection Blackstar. The musical initially debuted in New York recently. Bowie went to the premiere night execution on January tenth, which eventually wound up being his last open appearance. The creation takes after Bowie’s character Thomas Jerome Newton as he stays on earth, not able to kick the bucket, frequented by his past affection and seeking after another spirit to set him free.

Look at the video down beneath of Hall singing “Lazarus” live on Stephen Colbert’s appear!



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