We Got A Royal Rocker In The Palace!

Bon Jovi was invited as a musical guest to a posh little gala at the Kensington Palace in London. Country Pop Princess Taylor Swift was one of the guests as well. Of course, Jon Bon Jovi would belt out some of his classic hits, and it wouldn’t be complete without everyone screaming out “Livin’ On A Prayer”, even Prince William – yes, the future king of England!

Before singing the iconic hit, Bon Jovi invited the “Karaoke Kid” to come up on stage and sing the chorus with him. Little did we know that this “Karaoke Kid” was the Duke of Cambridge himself, Prince William! In a moment of panic, the handsome prince pulled in someone to help him sing his favorite karaoke song on stage. Lucky for him, Taylor Swift was sitting nearby and happily assisted the future king in belting out his Bon Jovi favorite with, well, Bon Jovi himself.

It turns out, Prince William got some mad pipes on him! Watch him harmonize with Taylor Swift and Jon Bon Jovi below:

Prince William, Taylor Swift and Bon Jovi sing… paylaşan: rocktubes


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