How bad puns, acid trips, seagull sounds and more figured into the making of the band’s 1966 masterpiece

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band denoted the Beatles’ social pinnacle, successfully re-tuning the zeitgeist of Western culture in 1967’s Summer of Love, however its ancestor – Revolver, discharged August fifth, 1966 – was the band’s greatest musical watershed. Never had the Beatles developed with such a support of amazing tunes. Never had Paul McCartney composed so well. John Lennon wasn’t a long ways behind. Never had a band enmeshed itself so completely with studio wizardry. Never, just, had a musical aggregate done as such much to change the very idea of how stable could be created, at the level of sheer fun, and the level of all out craftsmanship.


Sgt. Pepper yielded various legends about how it was made and what it created, while Revolver has dependably falled behind in that division, a truth that merits changing as this everlasting LP turns 50. In that soul, here are 15 things you won’t not think about regardless this dazzling great.


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