An Innovative Take On A Jimi Hendrix Classic!

At the point when discussing guitar advancement and simply being creative by and large, there are not very many names that ring a bell, however the one name at the front line of everything is a performer who you may have known about. His name is Jimi Hendrix. It just took this man a modest bunch of shows to totally change the way the electric guitar is taken a gander at. Jimi Hendrix is thought to be a back up parent of all of rock guitar. So with such an excess of being said, do you believe it’s even remotely workable for somebody to make an imaginative way to deal with a melody from such a creative guitarist? The answer is… YES!

What you’re about to watch is a gentleman by the name of Jamie Dupuis play Jimi Hendrix‘s hit song Little Wing. If you’re not expecting an absolutely amazing then I’d advise you to raise your expectations!

What do you think about this stunning spread? What do you think Jimi Hendrix would think about this spread. We can surely make an informed estimate. We know he’d be glad!


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