First Words Spoken In Over 3 Years

In 2013, one of the best companionships in rock broke apart when Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora quit addressing each other after Sambora’s way out from the band after he refered to his need to invest more energy with his teenaged little girl Ava. For a long time it’s been radio hush between the two Bon Jovi originators and essential lyricists, and with Bon Jovi only a week off of the arrival of their first single off their fourteenth studio collection This House Is Not For Sale, Richie has words for his previous companions and bandmates…

… and they’re all great. After “This House Is Not For Sale” dropped last Friday, Richie and sweetheart/imaginative accomplice Orianthi showed up in a Twitter video saluting Bon Jovi on their new discharge, wishing Jon and the folks his best in their new attempt. A couple of hours after the fact and shockingly, Jon Bon Jovi connected by means of Twitter, expressing gratitude toward both Richie and Orianthi for their great wishes and said that he anticipated listening to their new collection, due out this fall, too.


  1. It’s so sad not having Richie in the band anymore. It’s were he still belongs!! John did it having 4 kids so I think his excuse for leaving the band had more to do with what is being said. But God Bless all and best of luck Richie. Just know that you are missed and very loved! The new JBJ song ROCKS!!!!!

  2. I agree! Fantastic duo that made truly great music. Although, i must admit – really looking forward to what Orianthi and Ritchie’s music sounds like.


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