He’s On AC/DC Mode!

On May 26, AC/DC conveyed their heart-pumping music to Volksparkstadion with Axl Rose belting out their works of art. Bassist Cliff Williams additionally uncovered that Brian Johnson, in the wake of discovering that Axl was incidentally supplanting him as frontman, was “happy” with their decision of visitor vocalist. Precipice further has this to say in regards to Axl’s late exhibitions in their show visits:

[Axl has] made a remarkable showing with regards to, and he’s practically out of his seat now. He’s mobile, and he’s living it up. It’s been okay.

In case you’re pondering whether Axl is to be sure squashing it in their appears, you might need to watch these recordings taken by their fans from the band’s Hamburg show. For one thing, we’re powerful happy Axl is out of his stone throne and on his feet. Second, unmistakably, he killed it. In addition, I don’t believe it’s simple being the frontman of both Guns ‘n Roses and AC/DC. Be that as it may, man, Axl made it look like it’s just a walk in the park!

10AC/DC – Rock or Bust



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