Ladies And Gentlemen, Our Future Rock Queen!

Move over, Slash. Zoe’s going to overwhelm the world! This 7-year old (now 10) definitely knows how to tear the guitar. Yes, sir. At her age, I was most likely as yet playing in the mud. Be that as it may, this charming child has the stone world humming in light of her musical cleaves. She’s so great even Slash was left dumbfounded after he saw her video! So even the incredible Guns ‘n Roses guitarist joined Zoe’s fan club. She is THAT great.

Zoe began playing the guitar when she was still five and her energy has paid off. She makes it look easy. It’s so adorable and cool. Everybody needs to begin some place and I can hardly wait to see Zoe’s improvement in 10 years. She’d be top notch by then. Continue rockin’, little hatchet slinger!


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