Bon Scott Is A Legend, Enough Said.

You know how amazing his voice is? The man can sing the phone book and it will most probably be a smashing hit. His distinctive raspy vocals just have a certain edge to it and it almost sounds like he’s not from this world. As a tribute to one of rock’s greatest vocalists, we compiled some of the little-known facts about this former AC/DC frontman.

7. He Used To Be In A Band Whose Genre Is Extremely Different From AC/DC.

This is proof that even legends had to start somewhere. It was in 1966 when Bon joined The Spektors as their drummer and occasionally provided vocals. But on the same year, they merged with another group thus forming what will be known as The Valentines. The image mostly associated with them is that of a teenybopper, bubblegum pop band who used to sing covers of “Build Me Up Buttercup” and would dress up in fluffy and colorful costumes. Their audience was mainly screaming teenage girls and since tattoos were still a taboo back then, Bon would cover up his ink with thick makeup. This is so their fans wouldn’t be frightened during their concerts. They eventually disbanded after being involved in a much-publicized drug scandal. Bon then joined Fraternity as lead vocalist for about three years before he met up with Angus and Malcolm Young and tried out for AC/DC in 1974.


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