5.AC/DC Was Named After Angus Young’s Sister’s Sewing Machine!


Sewing Together Rock History!

It’s protected to say that the vast majority these days don’t realize what “air conditioning/DC” really implies. We just know it as the name of the notorious rock band. It’s a cool name for a band. It’s straightforward, viable, and straight to the point, however what you may not know is the place they got this name.

According to Angus Young, their sister Margaret had a sewing machine and on the back of it read the four letter phrase “AC/DC” and the rest is history.

It’s very amusing where the absolute most famous things begin from, AC/DC included. Simply think what history would’ve been if Margaret Young hadn’t purchased that sewing machine. Possibly AC/DC would’ve gone under an alternate name and been generally as fruitful, or perhaps without the inspiration of a cool band name, Angus Young would’ve never been propelled to shape the band and AC/DC would’ve NEVER framed! It’s stunning what sort of force one sewing machine can hold!


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