Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Simple Man” is one of their greatest and most beloved songs of all time. Since it has such an important status in music history, few have dared to touch it over the yeas. But one 15-year-old girl was willing to step up to the challenge, and she conquered it.

Morganne Warner began singing at the youthful age of 5, and got her begin performing in chapel. She stays on her love group at chapel today, and as of late sent her first expert recording to be considered for the famous singing rivalry arrangement, The Voice.

She is a fanatic of various kinds of music, however as indicated by her Facebook page, she says she gets a kick out of the chance to “stay with melodies with soul and important, inspiring words.” Skynyrd’s “Simple Man” fits splendidly into that classification, which is the reason it does not shock anyone that Morganne secured the tune.

Not just did Morganne play out a vocal front of “Simple Man,” however she recorded a guitar spread too. As you see Morganne singing in the video beneath, it is her own particular guitar track that you hear playing over the highest point of her vocals.

As though covering the melody vocally wasn’t sufficient, it takes an incredible ability to have the capacity to sing it and play it on guitar!

With regards to her vocal conveyance, Morganne advances an ardent and heartfelt execution. You can see the feeling in her face, which makes an interpretation of over into her voice, making for the energetic execution we’re certain Ronnie proposed when he composed the melody.

At just 15 years of age, Morganne is demonstrating she has the qualities it takes to be a major star. We can hardly wait to see where he musical trip takes her from here. Tune into the video beneath to see her “Simple Man” cover, and let us comprehend what you think!


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